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customer relationship management


With Keybe CRM you manage and improve your business relationships in one place. Enrich profiles, manage all data traceability and uncover opportunities that didn’t seem so obvious before.

· Deals manager
· Support manager (Ticketing)
· People Directory
· Lead Scoring
· Tracking of indicators – Creation of personalized Journeys
·  Import and registration of personas – Invitation to open an account
· Task creation – File storage
· Manage and update information
· Search filters
· Unique roles and features
· Segmentation of people by list

customer data platform


With Keybe CDP unify, centralize and orchestrate your customer data in one place, enriching it automatically and permanently by connecting all the data sources you have at your disposal.

When you have a 360º data ecosystem that feeds automatically with all your channels in a synchronized way, your relationship and empathy improves exponentially, detecting sales opportunities, increasing the power of your business and profitability.

The CDP Institute defines a Customer Data Platform as “packaged software that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems.” Basically it’s a prebuilt system that centralizes customer data from all sources and then makes this data available to other systems for marketing campaigns, customer service and all customer experience initiatives.

“Customer Data Platforms are packaged software that helps companies solve a huge and growing problem: the need for unified, accessible customer data. Like most packaged software, a CDP reduces risk, deploys faster, costs less, and delivers a more powerful solution than custom-built alternatives…With careful planning, a CDP will provide the foundation your company needs in the years ahead to meet customer expectations for exceptional personalized experiences.”

— David Raab, Customer Data Platform Institute

habeas data api and protocol


Your customers can feel at ease, with Keybe you can implement the technical protocol GDPR compliance where each person with whom your business relates has a profile and traceability of all their data.

The first step is to protect their data and inform them of the agreement to which they are automatically accessing, you can connect all applications, information systems and relationship channels to Keybe’s API ensuring centralized information and mitigate risk.

Your team has authorized permissions where they will have a console with all the control of the data protection status of your customers and you can have the evidence legally validated in any case of claim.

segments manager


Take your communications and strategies to the next level with advanced, AI-powered targeting tools that can help you to define and better understand your target audiences and ideal customers.

Keybe segment  allows you to identify the right market for you service and then target your marketing more effectively; offer more precisely targeted options and to customize their content for different audience groups.

Segmentation allows you to target your content to the right people in the right way, rather than targeting your entire audience with a generic message wasting your budget. Keybe helps you increase the chances of people engaging with your communications or content, resulting in more efficient campaigns and improved return on investment (ROI).

· Roles
· Schedules
· Demographics
· Contact Preferences
· Music Tastes with Spotify
· Facebook and Instagram likes
· Behaviors
· Structured data
· Unstructured data

authenticator Oauth


Connect your users with the simplest way to authorize secure access to all your digital applications with customizable access logics and different levels of security depending on the sensitivity of the information.

With Keybe Authenticator you facilitate the interaction with your services by eliminating the friction of entry and centralizing your customer data in one place.


· Single sign-on (SSO)
· Multi-factor (MFA)
· PIN number
· QR code
· Fingerprint
· Email- SMS
· Recover (IGA)
· Security with SAML / JWT
· API Rest & Widget JS

cloud profile to admin data


With Keybe IDaaS (Identity As A Service) your customers can have a profile in the cloud with which they can manage their data, preferences, tastes, payments, transactions and connect with all your services.

Offer an experience to your customers in the use of your digital platforms with the greatest possible comfort and ease. With Keybe you can offer a cloud profile in which your customers can have their information centralized and a simple way to keep their data updated.

Your team can have secure access to the information they need in the administrative console and your customers can access the same profile in any of your sales channels or applications or websites.

· Cloud Profile
· Contact preferences
· Data Protection (GDPR)
· Data update
· Omni-channel communication
· Traceability of every interaction
· Personalized communications
· Segmentation with AI
· Physical access WITHOUT CONTACT
· Contactless payments

forms manager


Connect with your customers through easy-to-create forms and surveys integrated with Keybe’s data ecosystem. Receive valuable feedback and enrich the experience with custom logic to offer respondents a simple and quick experience.

You can select from different question types, drag and drop to reorder questions and customize values. All data will be centralized and enrich your customer information.

customer timline


With Keybe you can have all the history of your customers’ information with the touchpoints they have interacted with, you can connect all your physical sales channels, digital platforms and touchpoints to permanently learn from the activities that your customers perform.

Consolidate in an efficient and secure way your data ecosystem with a complete traceability of information.

access control digital and physical


With Keybe you can offer a secure and efficient way with Contactless technology to allow your customers to access your events, physical facilities, websites or applications. Through a QR code or a Pin that is delivered to your customers via SMS, Email, or WhastApp, you can ensure not only efficient and fast access but also security and total control of the logistics of entry and accommodation.

It evolves physical contact with obsolete access systems and ensures complete traceability and centralization of data in one place.


· Single sign-on (SSO)
· Multi-factor (MFA)
· PIN number
· QR code
· Fingerprint
· Email- SMS
· Recover (IGA)
· Security with SAML / JWT
· API Rest & Widget JS

traceability protocol


Our team of data scientists and our Success team have consolidated a data traceability protocol that we foster with our clients achieving strong effective results in sales and data-driven growth. By consolidating all your touchpoints in Keybe, you will be able to strengthen your data ecosystem and make better strategic business decisions.

keybe connect crm and cdp


Discover Keybe’s complementary services to help you enhance your customer relationships:


OMNI-CHANNEL conversations. Empower your sales force by connecting it to all your channels in the smartest way.

  • Multi Agent
  • Auto Assignment
  • Agent transfer
  • Fast responses
  • Opening hours
  • Monitoring
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced configuration
  • Data Traceability

Available channels:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Telegram
  • Gmail
  • SMS
  • Chat Web
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PROACTIVE messages and notifications. Strengthen a massive engagement with segmented and automated communications.

  • Auto segments
  • Automated campaigns
  • Programmed campaigns
  • SMS
  • Email
  • WhatsApp
  • Push notifications
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Integrated ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Let the machine work for you, connect all your systems and unleash your true potential.

  • Actions (IoA)
  • Bots with NLP/NLU
  • Process automation
  • Marketing automation
  • Notifications
  • Triggers
  • API Connections
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keybe cdp journey
customer journey with keybe


Keybe helps you manage and understand your customers' lifecycle, when you put people first with empathy and understand every step of their journey, you can increase the power of your strategies:


PEOPLE CONNECTED AND PROTECTED in omni-channel connections with GDPR and LATAM Habeas Data Protection Standards


SALES CONVERSION in conversational channels based on an omni-channel strategy complementing all your commercial strategies


OPERATIVE TIME REDUCTION Integrating hundreds of apps into a single platform for automated and improved customer service


TRACEABILITY AND PROTECTION of information with the history of everything that happens in your sales and your service


Keybe connects with hundreds of applications in the cloud, these are the most used to unleash the true potential of your team:

keybe api rest integrations
integrations keybe api rest
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Keybe takes your business further, faster, and more successfully with artificial intelligence and machine learning-based tools in the cloud that you can start using today without the need to know programming.

We are dedicated to closing the gap between brands and people with EMPATHY by ensuring that both have the most concise context possible to improve relationships and increase perceived value.


Every day, we are helping to build more EMPATHY for people who engage with:

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With the support of:

With the support of:

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